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Consultation: Initial consultation to establish your goals. A review of paint colours and schemes. Gain an understanding of the mood you would like to establish

Assessment: Work required to assess the scope of work (repairs, preparation challenges), evaluate the condition of the surface, identify any damage, and recommend the best course of action

Free estimate: Detailed estimate to ensure we have a mutual understanding of requirements

Quality materials: We only use quality painting materials designed to last for years, and they are skilled in using the proper techniques to ensure that your home looks its best

Preparation: We take the time to properly prep the surface before painting, including sanding, spackling, caulking and priming, to ensure that the finished product looks its best

Application: Using high-quality paint, brushes, rollers (spraying) and other professional tools as required

Touch-ups: An excellent paint job is greatly enhanced by touch-ups. We spend considerable time tying up the project to look entirely and luxuriously finished.

Clean up: Full clean up and disposal.

Inspection: Our job is finished when our client is happy

  • Quality guaranteed
  • Accurate & competitive quotes 
  • Friendly, timely, COVID safe practices
  • Washing, sanding, filling, caulking with detail
  • Interior and exterior painting, staining and minor repairs
  • Colour consultation

Last Updated on: 2023-11-25